10 Top Telemarketing Tips From 1 Stop Data

Telemarketing is an important part of any marketing campaign, allowing for a more personal connection than any other media as well as an opportunity to get feed back that your target market may have. Therefore it is important to ensure you have in place best practice.

  1. Always plan your calling: Use properly identified warm leads – those generated by a reputable lead generation company will mean that your time is spent on potential customers rather than researching
  1. Establish rapport:  Rapport can be built by using natural language, ensuring you have some background information about your potential client you can refer to in the call.
  1. Be in a distraction free environment: When using telemarketing ensure you have a professional environment and professional equipment. Poorly working VOIP calling can give a bad impression.
  1. Be as concise as possible: Getting your point across as quickly as you can with the smallest number of words will help as it lowers the chance of your potential client becoming disinterested increasing the chance of a successful call.
  1. Have a loose script: Having a loose script will help for outlining the main points of the call but avoid having a rigid script that you follow to the letter. This can make you feel like more of a sales person than a business partner and make it more difficult for you to answer questions.
  1. Have the right numbers to call: Make sure you are calling the right people. For accurate phone numbers use a reliable source. The cost of the time calling is too high to use inaccurate or unavailable numbers.
  1. Have a good offer: Have an offer for your potential client, make it worth their while talking to you. Whether it’s a limited discount, a white paper or a prize draw it helps the call to go better if you don’t go in empty handed.
  1. Keep a record of your calls: If you have call recording all the better. Keep a record of your call and a note of the outcomes. There is nothing worse than calling the same person twice with the same script.
  1. Ask for referrals: Asking if anyone else within the company could possibly need you could possibly land you with some more business or potentially turn an unsuccessful call into a successful one if the person you called originally is not interested but knows someone who would be.
  1. Always follow up: After you have made a call to a potential client it is important to call them again soon after to make sure you reinforce their interest.