GBN Connect – Marketing Platform to Grow Your Business

GBN Connect is a unique email platform that will not only deliver emails, but unlike other email platform, it comes with email prospects of your targeted audience ready installed for you to rapidly grow your response.

To help you hit the ground running, GBN Connect includes easy to use tools to create your message that is mobile responsive, and can handle and segment your response.

What GBN Connect gives you in a nutshell:

  • Order the target data you need for your client’s campaign we upload it to GBN Connect you add additional data where required (GBN Connect auto dedupes on upload).
  • Easy-to-Use Email Templates and Editing Tools
    Click and create templates are available along with a stock library and easy upload options so you can create effective emails.
  • Reporting and Tracking
    With easy to use charts and reporting you can provide your customer with reports and select the clicks and opens for further enhanced messaging to grow response.
  • Social Media and Mobile Tools
    Not only can you share your clients messages on social media as well as email you can check that your message works on mobile too. With over 60% of emails being opened on mobile now it is an essential tool.
  • Forms & Surveys
    If you have a range of questions for a completed lead our Forms and Surveys used with the right incentive will help deliver targeted responses.
  • A/B Testing
    Work out what time, message or offer is working using our inbuilt A/B split enabling you to grow using your successes.
  • Support and Resources
    1 Stop Data will provide you with the support and services to you need when you need it. A real person will be available in the UK to answer your questions and give assistance. In addition, 1 Stop Data has the data and services to help ensure your success including data cleansing, enhancement and analytics.
  • Why GBN Connect:
    • Competitive pricing
    • Tools for accurate lead generation
    • Real account managers providing support and real emails to get the responses you need for your clients

Check out or contact us today if you would like to sign up.