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1 Stop Data Ltd Expands into North America

1 Stop Data, a UK-based call centre delivering value through high quality, native-language demand generation and market research outreach, is pleased to establish a North American branch. The Austin-based satellite office is focused on integrating 1 Stop Data calling and database assets with top North American marketing agencies, information and software providers, as well as providing strategic services for select major accounts. The satellite will also assist the valued, existing sales partners in the U.S.


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1 Stop Data Recruits Claire Harding

1 Stop Data Ltd, has recruited Claire Harding in the role of Business Development representing 1 Stop Data’s call centre and data services. Claire previously with Orca and Mediaprism has over 20 years experience in the industry and brings a wealth of knowledge in both B2B and International direct marketing.


Based in 1 Stop Data’s Surrey office Claire will take on a pivotal role growing 1 Stop Data’s customer base for its Data and Demand Generation services. 1 Stop Data has created this position to enhance the sales derived from its UK based call centre.

Pauline Murphy, 1 Stop Data’s managing director says “I am delighted to welcome Claire on board and believe her role will help strengthen our commitment and investment in high quality data.”

1 Stop Data Ltd
1 Stop Data Ltd, established in 2001, provides high quality data and lead generation to the world’s leading companies. With complete global B2B coverage and a large UK based call centre 1 Stop Data provides up-to-date, accurate data on companies and executives worldwide.

For further information:
Contact: Pauline Murphy
1 Stop Data Ltd
+44 (0) 208 786 9111

The Buyers Guide – 10 Tips for Data Acquisition:

At 1 Stop Data we are passionate about the quality of our data and we ensure it is the best possible on the market. However we are aware sometimes marketers using poor quality data that does irreparable harm their brand, their company, their business and the industry. To ensure quality and compliance leading marketers always get their data from a reputable supplier such as 1 Stop Data.


Below is Top Ten Tips we have gathered from data buyers:

1. Check the company selling the data. Always check against a credit reference agency that the company still exists and does not have a bad rating.

2. Find out how the data owner has gathered their data. Do they have a call centre? Where is it based and can you visit it?

3. Ask for sample data. Does it match your requirements?

4. If they claim to be members of a trade association, check that they really are.

5. Eyeball the data. Does it look like it has been web scraped?

6. Do you have the list owner’s street address? If possible, visit the company.

7. What guarantees are in place? No database is perfect, but you do need a realistic guarantee.

8. Ask around for recommendations. Is the data owner well regarded or an industry tale of woe?

9. Are the volumes realistic? Be wary of high volumes that do not match your target market.

10. Be prepared ask advice from your data supplier they have a wealth of knowledge built up over many years. Use it – it’s FREE!

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