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Introducing EDGAR

New 2017, EDGAR, the software to extract the intelligence and contacts you have within your own company!

1 Stop Data has developed unique software for the scalable collection, enhancement and cleansing of your in-house email data. Whether you want to update, grow or enhance your emails we have the tool that will make the job quick and cost effective. As part of our drive to ensure our customers have the most accurate, targeted emails we have developed a programme to deliver enhanced and new emails fast and efficiently to your database.

What does EGDAR provide:

  • Email Contact & Compliance
  • Email Cleansing
  • Email Enhance

Access namesjob titles and email addresses of key contacts that have contacted your company.

With EDGAR you will grow your lists, increase conversions, and optimise your audience by ensuring that non responsive emails are gone and new emails are engaged with our unique delivery tool. This digital intelligence is within organisations and can be extracted by using EDGAR, combined with 1 Stop Data’s enhancement services it will deliver a fast route to compliance and accuracy.

About 1 Stop Data Ltd

1 Stop Data Ltd, established in 2001, has a reputation for providing reliable, compliant and up-to-date data enhancement services, business information and telemarketing.

Products and services include:

  • Email broadcasting services
  • Data Enhancement and deliverability
  • Lists & Data, B2B Live Worldwide – Number of companies: 2.5 Million, Contact Names: 8 Million, Emails: 2.5 Million. Our data is from telephone research, calling and checking names, demographics and links every four months for each company.
  • Research & Telemarketing
    Our UK based call centre provides data research and opt-in collection of targeted contacts on behalf of the world’s leading companies. This includes lead generation for: White papers, Conferences, Seminars, Products demos
  • Content Syndication
  • Data Bureau Services
  • Design Studio

For further information contact:

Pauline Murphy